The exquisite Polar Ice Diamond

Polar Ice diamonds are mined in Canada’s Northwest Territories, cut and

polished in some of the worlds lending diamond cutting facilities.

Our diamonds are selected by a team of highly qualified diamond specialists

to meet our high standards of excellence. Every Polar Ice diamond is

inscribed with a certification number to identify the stone as a true Canada

master piece of nature.

Each Polar Ice diamond comes with our certificate of authenticity that

guarantees the Canadian origin of the diamond. All Polar Ice diamonds is

in full compliance with federal guidelines established by the Competition

Bureau, Government of Canada and is governed by the standards of the

Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct.

All exquisite Polar Ice diamonds are set in the finest quality mount made

with pride in our production facility in Montreal Canada. A truly Canadian

made master piece of fine jewellery that is a joy to ware and show to family

and friends.